God has a sense of humor

What’s on God’s mind today? You might want to ask the Episcopalians.

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church chooses to use occasional humor to drag heathens into the pews on Sundays. I decided to photograph the sign’s iterations from week to week.

Sometimes they use the sign to inspire. I often wonder if the person who changes the sign thinks we’re all a little depressed as we commute by the church.

This is a fine example of the bait and switch approach.

Sometimes, the sign is kind of like a fortune cookie.

And then, it gets all preachy on us.

I guess that’s OK. It is a church sign.


One thought on “God has a sense of humor

  1. I always look forward to what’s on the sign at St. Andrew’s! Most of the time they are very clever. It is slightly disappointing when I see a preachy new, sign, but like you said, it’s a church sign.

    There’s a church on the corner of Ararat St. & Brattle St. in Worcester that usually does a pretty good job of putting up some clever lines as well.

    The church that I absolutely HATE driving by is the one on 140 in Shrewsbury, on the long straight-away just past the UPS Depot. They’re signs are ULTRA-preachy! It’s always something about loving God or burning in Hell. Very in your face.

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