Field of dogs

Yeah, I know. I’ve been writing about Tufts a lot lately.

But you have to admit, there’s been a lot going on there. How often does a town have a Level 3 biosafety laboratory popping up?

Actually, it happens more often than you’d think. Most large hospitals have at least one to handle things like tuberculosis. The one at the Cummings School is really on our radar screens because it’s a stand-alone facility, has government funding, and is the cornerstone for a spankin’ new industrial park that will hopefully generate jobs and taxes and all that glorious funding stuff.

But let’s look at a part of the campus that you’ve probably visited if you have a four-footed friend.

Tufts allows dog walkers access to a big field just over the Westborough line. It’s one of the best views in Grafton.

A while back, the school had second thoughts about allowing people to walk their dogs there. It wasn’t necessarily the fault of the dogs — they just hadn’t trained their owners on basic hygiene.

And they are very serious about this. The hay in the fields goes to feed their livestock and do you really want their cows to have to eat your dog’s… well… you know?

Unfortunately, on the bright sunny day I visited the field, the only dog in evidence was a rescue dog who was afraid of strangers with bright shiny cameras. But even on it’s own, it’s just a lovely place.

Is it just me or does this scene give you flashbacks to installing Windows?


One thought on “Field of dogs

  1. I love walking with my family (including the four legged one) at Tufts. It is peaceful and everyone that I’ve met is very friendly (with the exception of some dogs with very bad manners).

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