Any interest in a farmer’s market?

Grafton resident Michael Urban is hoping next summer might bring some fresh vegetables to town. He writes:

I am working with the Grafton Rec Department to explore the feasibility of a Grafton Farmers’ Market.  Basically, at this stage we are just trying to spread the word, get in touch with folks for brainstorming, and figure out if such a market would even work in Grafton.  If anybody is interested, I’d like them to contact me so I can start up an email list and set up a fall brainstorming meeting.  My email is:
It sounds like a good idea to me, but I’m spoiled. My last house was in walking distance from Davidian Bros. farmstand in Northborough and Tougas Family Farm was just a mile uphill (wayyyy uphill) from there. As a result, I like my fresh veggies close to home.
We grew tomatoes, blueberries and strawberries (oddly enough, our strawberry plant decided last week to give fruit) this summer and, of course, had our CSA share at Nourse Farm. But most people depend on Stop & Shop and, let’s face it, the produce there isn’t pretty.
Maybe at the Common? Or, here’s an idea, Grafton Flea Market on a weekday?

5 thoughts on “Any interest in a farmer’s market?

  1. I live next to Medway. Medway just finished their third year with a farmers market. It got off to a lukewarm start but has improved each year. This year it was very popular and well attended, both by vendors and customers. Maybe it was the high fuel costs that made people more inclined to attend than travel to a distant farm stand.

  2. I think it sounds like a great idea. With all the food recalls buying vegetables closer to home is a safer idea (tastes better too). Perhaps the Grafton Community Farm could sell what the food bank doesn’t need with the money going back to the food bank?

  3. I love the idea, however, I too belong to the Nourse Farm which is just a few miles away. If a Farmer’s Market was available in Grafton on the weekends or at night, I would definitely be interested in supplementing what I get at Nourse.

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