Tiny turnout

Want to know how many Grafton residents turned out for yesterday’s primary?

Only 1,085 voters.

Out of upwards of 10,000 registered voters.

An organizer with Doug Belanger’s campaign commented yesterday that the lack of sign-holders at the polls didn’t necessarily translate into a lack of votes. But a primary is a search-and-destroy mission — you don’t conserve resources for a later battle, because you’re not going to fight that one if you don’t win this skirmish in the first place. The primary is when you need the troops out in full force — seriously, what is it with me and the military metaphors this morning? — and, yeah, that means you have to have the people out with signs. It’s Campaigning 101.

Let’s look at the Grafton breakdown:

Moore: 723
Belanger: 328

I only saw Moore people at the polls yesterday morning, alongside the unopposed Republican John Lebeaux. Driving by at 6 p.m., at a time when there was a bit of traffic turning into the Municipal Center, I still only saw Moore people.

If your candidate is seen as having written off Grafton, it doesn’t translate into votes, especially on a day when only a small percentage of voters are even going to bother going to the polls anyway.

And, on Moore’s side, what the heck was the purpose of having that bus parked in Grafton all day? Did it ever leave to, say, bring people to the polls or was it just a billboard on wheels? And wouldn’t a billboard on wheels do a better job if it was, say, mobile?

Anyway, to Belanger, I wish the best of luck. And to Moore and Lebeaux, congratulations. You’ve now earned the right to campaign your heads off for the next six weeks!


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