Moore: On the bus and heading for November

Michael Moore has spent the last seven months hard at work knocking on doors and meeting voters.

After winning the Democratic nomination for the 2nd Worcester District’s state Senate seat, he now knows how he’s going to spend the next six weeks.

“I’m just going to continue what I’m doing — door knocking, going to as many events as possible and getting as much face time as I can with the voters,” Moore said in a phone interview today. “The best way to connect with voters is to connect with them face-to-face.”

Moore, a Millbury selectman, won a hard-contested battle against Doug Belanger, a Leicester selectman, for the nomination Tuesday. He will face off against Republican John Lebeaux, a Shrewsbury selectman, in the November election.

Moore doesn’t expect his campaign strategy will change now that his opponent is a Republican. He plans to continue to stress what’s on voters’ minds — and that can all be distilled down to one issue: the economy.

“I’m sticking right to the issues that I’ve been talking about for the last seven months,” Moore said. “He’s going to have his message, I’m going to have mine.”

While voter turnout in the primary was low, Moore noted that Millbury, Auburn and Leicester all had 20 percent turnouts and several town clerks told his campaign staffers that the Moore-Belanger race had surprisingly few blank votes.

“That shows that the people who did come out to vote were coming out just for this race,” Moore said.

The campaign has brought its fair share of surprises. Among them: the bus in this picture, which Moore said a friend surprised him with, fully painted, one afternoon while he was waiting for his daughter to get off a more conventionally painted school bus.

“The things people have done, and continue to do, have been amazing. This kind of support — it really shows you the good in people.”

The T&G’s wrap-up is here.


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