The writing on the wall

My daughter’s favorite part of Grafton Elementary, her new school, is near the gym. That’s where rows of colorful tiles, created by past fifth grade classes at the school, line the lower portion of the walls.

What’s the significance of the orange dude in the flag? The artist couldn’t tell me. “It was just something I felt like doing,” he said.

The tiles are the result of a grant through the PTG, which purchased the tiles and glaze.

GES’ class of 2007 was the first to create the tiles.

It’s now the new tradition for each fifth grade class: at some point during the year, they will create a design for their own tile, which they will paint and fire. Then they will go up on the wall for future classes to admire.

The first portions of the wall were installed last spring.

If you have the time, say on open house night, you should really check it out.

And then you can play the game that I played with my kids this afternoon: “Which tiles do you think were made by boys and which by girls?”

It’s a nice tradition to start, and my 3rd grader is already planning her own tile.


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