Nice people award

My in-laws came out today to watch my son’s flag football game (two touchdown passes!) and brought my brother-in-law, who is mentally retarded, along. The in-laws, you may recall, are big Grafton Flea Market fans, so they stopped by there first.

They had noticed Ridge Valley Stables on previous visits and decided, on a whim, to stop by so BIL could get a closer look at the horses. They were pretty busy, according to my mother-in-law, and she asked if there was any chance that he might get a ride. She was told they really didn’t have a saddled horse available, and suggested that she might want to come back later in the afternoon.

A woman overheard the conversation and offered right then and there to take him on her horse. She was very patient, my mother-in-law said, and understood when BIL was at first hesitant. Then he finally did get in the saddle and he rode around the ring with a huge grin on his face.

When they asked what the charge would be, they were told not to worry about it — that big smile was enough for them!

My youngest is now in her horse phase and asking about taking riding lessons. You’d better believe Ridge Valley is now at the top of my list!


One thought on “Nice people award

  1. I just wanted to echo your comments about Ridge Valley Stables. I organize the childrens activities for the Harvest Fair and Apple Pie Social (coming up Sunday, Sept 28th) and every year they donate the services of several ponies for the kids to ride. I place one phone call and always reach a pleasant person, happy to help our church with this fundraiser. They’ve been wonderful and on behalf of the Congregation Church on the Common…we so greatly appreciate their support.

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