My gripe of the night

I love “Project Runway.” I obsess about “Project Runway.” My favorite blog is “Project Rungay” so I can see the outfits close up, I scoured the Internet a couple weeks ago to see the Bryant Park collections ahead of time, I really, really want a talking Tim Gunn bobblehead doll. I wake up on Wednesdays happy to know I’m going to get a new episode.

Charter, I hate you.

“Project Runway” is on Bravo, Channel 63 on Charter, or at least it was up until this morning. I have my DVR set to tape it every week. When my husband decided he wanted to watch the “Heroes” he’d slept through earlier this week, I ran upstairs to watch my beloved show.

It wasn’t there.

They had some bizarre show with car chases and police officers. It was TruTV. Where the heck was my Bravo? Where were my designers? Where was my Tim Gunn?

I frantically flipped through all the channels. No Heidi Klum. No challenges to make a ballgown out of dryer lint and dental floss. No Bravo. My hands are shaking from withdrawal. It’s Wednesday, the most jampacked work day of the week. This is what gets me through it. I need my fix. It’s the top five and I so totally need to see Tim Gunn put that bitchy Kenley in her place.

I ran downstairs and commandeered the remote — upstairs gets basic cable, downstairs has more channels — and finally located Bravo on Channel 198. The DVR, meanwhile, was cluelessly recording Channel 63.

I missed the entire model switchup (what if this was last season and I missed out on an important Lauren move?) and most of the challenge announcement. And once I managed to convince the DVR that I really did want to record on another channel, I had to hand control of the TV back to my husband and re-watch “Heroes” while totally jonesing for my fashion fix.

OK, so it’s not high drama. It’s certainly not the end of the world. But sheesh, can I get a little warning when Charter decides to switch its channels around?

There’s really only one way to get revenge…

FiOS!!!! It can’t get here quickly enough.

10 thoughts on “My gripe of the night

  1. I feel for your comcast woes, but what is worse to me is that the judges totally sold out. Kenley’s outfit was exceptionally flawed from concept to construction. Suede’s was entirely acceptable (though not very good). In the end though, they judged them not for what they made on that given challenge, but for the body of work up to that point (fyi, the winners at this point are pre-determined).

  2. The fit on the pants she made for Leanne was insane! Poor Leanne looked more Carmela Soprano-goes-to-the-mall than hip-hop. Suede’s vest, at least, was very rock & roll, although Stella was probably sitting at home pounding her grommets saying “Dang! That was MY challenge!”
    Also, it killed me when the guy with the fauxhawk said he was anything than punk. At least he could admit to his poseur status. Korto’s jeans turned out to be quite cool.
    And HA! Top search for people landing on my blog: “charter where did bravo channel go?”

  3. Ok somehow I didn’t delete my charter update email yesterday and saw the channel flip – so it’s probably in your email somewhere in your deleted box if you are like me!

    As for the outfits – it’s clear they are keeping Kenley on for drama – and not talent -so that she can sass Tim again. No one should disrespect Tim and live to tell about it…and this years’ designers are very sad indeed.

    Since you are obsessed Greater Grafton – you might like to know that Jillian’s model (last season) Lauren is a good-old-Grafton girl. One of our own made it so close!

  4. Michelle: You NEED to read Project Rungay. It greatly enhances the viewing experience.
    We didn’t receive an email from Charter, probably because we’re on FiOS for Internet now. And I know all about Lauren — she’s the reason why I was totally spoiled for the finalists last season. I fixed the link in her name above, but post from July:
    I can’t WAIT to see Kenley find out Tim’s a judge at Bryant Park this year! (JLo was supposed to guest judge the finals, but pulled out at the last minute because of a “foot injury,” which was mysteriously all better when she took part in a Triathalon a day later.)

  5. Oh, I am so with you on this one. Your night sounds just like mine. Get the kids to bed or at least doing their homework and knowing my show will be there recording ahead of me so I can skip through commercials…the highlight of my Wednesday night. I too was recording TruTV. I can’t believe Kenley is still on there! Her attitude stinks. I want to see her put in her place only because of how she has laughed at everyone else. I agree they must’ve kept her for the drama, NOT the design. Next week’s preview shows her dissing Heidi and lots of tears. Don’t forget about the meeting on the 30th where FIOS will be discussed.

  6. I can’t get FIOS in my neighborhood and we’re desperate because I am on Charter’s “hit list” for sure. I think I have a permanent filed open there labeled “difficult ” customer. Is FIOS slowly phasing in?

  7. I had the same issue last night w/Project Runway and Bravo … and I defintiely did NOT get any email update from them. ARGH!

    Luckily, I checked all the stations until I came across Bravo. I have to say … I’m totally disliking Kenley. Her “hip-hop” outfit was crap. Those pants! My crotch hurts just thinking about them. It was so, so ridiculous. I’m glad Korto won, love what she did to those pants, would have liked to see her bleach them to get the effect.

    And … the Project Rungay blog is hilarious. They have the best comments!

  8. I loved the reality contests on Bravo, especially project runway and top chef. I used to get bravo on channel 26 but it switched to Big 10/Minn, a f’n’ sports channel. I don’t have the digital channels so I figured Bravo got moved to one of those, as Charter’s plan to make customers PAY FOR MORE just to get the same as what they had. I am glad to read that Project Runway has changed and is pre-determining the winner cuz now I don’t feel bad about never seeing it, again, unless they do move to Lifetime and Charter doesn’t bump that channel out of my package, too. If worse comes to worse, I will change my Charter back to the basic channels and go back to satellite for the good stuff.

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