Grafton in the New York Times

You’re a reporter for the New York Times. You’re assigned to do a story on the no-income-tax initiative on the Massachusetts ballot. You’re also, apparently, in the mood for some ice cream. Where do you go?

If you’re Pam Belluck, you head straight for Swirls and Scoops and start chatting up Grafton residents. That’s right: when it comes to the important issues, you gotta go Grafton.

I could have told her that.

And hey, check out Brook Padgett!

“The knee-jerk reaction would be, ‘That’s a great idea because it means more money for me,’ ” said Brook Padgett, chairman of the Board of Selectmen in Grafton, a town of about 17,000 near Worcester, which he said would lose 25 percent of its budget because of state cuts. “It would affect everybody — schools, police, municipal services, snow plowing. I couldn’t begin to tell you what we would do.”

I just wish I could have been in on the news meeting when this story was pitched. Why did they decide to center their story on Grafton? Did they stick a pin in the map of Massachusetts? Was the reporter visiting family? Is she moving in on my Kay Whynot action?

Thanks for the tip, Commute-a-holic!


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