Voter registration reminder!

If you plan to attend Town Meeting on Oct. 20 and actually get to vote, deadline for voter registration is Tuesday. As in, TOMORROW. So get yourself down to the Town Clerk’s office and let those nice ladies set you up.

Also, there’s that election thing in November. But don’t you really want to go to Town Meeting and talk about all the ways YOUR money is going to be put to use?

Which reminds me: Book your babysitter now! And arrange for neighborhood car-pooling — I realize it runs late and you’re running up a babysitter bill, but shouldn’t one parent at least stay behind for the other important matters on the agenda?


One thought on “Voter registration reminder!

  1. I can’t say this enough…make the time to go to Town Meeting. This is where the “rubber meets the road” in establishing policy, reviewing by-laws (new and updated), and voting on items that have financial impact. A sampling of the items on this warrant – which was closed last night: Modular classrooms for the middle school; Stormwater Management By-law; Establishment of revolving accounts to self-fund plumbing, gas & electrical inspection process; Acquisition of Pell Farm Land; and Biotechnology Regulations. Make your arrangements now and participate in the process.

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