An Oasis in South Grafton

So picture this: I’m innocently driving down Providence Road on a rather gray fall day when, all of a sudden, I’m just slapped in the face with a burst of color.

This is how I discovered Pete’s Oasis, a greenhouse that’s positively teeming with mums right now.

I mean…

… have you ever seen…

… just look at them all! They just start out planting them in pots, knowing that, ultimately, everyone is just going to want a big pot of mums once fall hits.

The business is owned by Pete and Deb Boutiette. There isn’t a sign, but there is an “open” flag, so just look for that to see where to turn into the driveway. I had to make a couple passes to spot it.

Right now they’re gearing up for Halloween, so they have tons of pumpkins on hand.

Did I say tons?

It’s really a gorgeous little business. They’re open Memorial Day-Christmas Eve, so if you’re in the market for mums, or plan to go crazy with the wreaths and poinsettias this year, keep them in mind.

You wouldn’t want to disappoint this scarecrow, would you?


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