Things you learn while blogging

I’ve now officially been blogging since last December, with this blog getting off the ground back in April. Here are 10 things I’ve learned while blogging:

1) No one will admit to reading blogs. They always say “I never read blogs, but…”

2) No post, no matter how well-crafted, will get as many hits as the post where you mention a cute, gay, Project Runway contestant — even if he only was voted off in the second episode — because you happened to mention he was shirtless.

3) People will recognize you in public because you posted your daughter’s photo.

4) If you respond to an email, people will Google your name and GoogleMap your address.

5) Even if your site views double over the course of the month, you still wonder why you’re not getting as many hits as yesterday.

6) Your son can interact with a fellow student in band for two years, but not realize she exists until she mentions her mom reads your blog.

7) Everyone loves Mrs. Crockwell.

8 ) There is absolutely no way to photograph or interview someone and explain “it’s for my blog” without feeling like a complete dork.

9) Always have a camera. You never know when a hot air balloon will appear out of nowhere.

10) The world is so small that if you photograph a hot air balloon in the morning, the woman who was riding in it will find your blog and be commenting on it by the afternoon.


3 thoughts on “Things you learn while blogging

  1. Keep up the awesome work. I can’t say enough about greatergrafton and how much I appreciate a fresh alternative perspective of our town.

  2. You really do a great job with this Blog and fill a HUGE void in Grafton with news updates and interesting stories.

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