Hey kid, get offa my lawn!

Phillias has a close encounter with Kay Whynot.

Or that’s the theory.

Check out the comments.

By the way, Lover Boy? My kids make their own school lunches, thanks. When I neglectfully parent, I prefer to do it while teaching them valuable life skills. I’m also teaching my son to cook and do laundry and my daughter has some mad hammer skillz.

And that is the LAST time you will catch me randomly putting a “z” on a word. Because if there’s one thing I’m not, it’s street.


8 thoughts on “Hey kid, get offa my lawn!

  1. Starting my day with a smile after reading this. Face it, Jenn, your fantasy relationship with Kay (and most of us know who he really is) is because you desire to be mentioned in great descriptive detail in his column. You ain’t nobody in Grafton til you see yourself in his column, again the great detail is so everyone else gets it, too. This from a man who hides behind his nom de plume. Gosh that makes him sound like he is writing about something worthy…
    Keep it up, Jenn. I need all the smiles I can get.

  2. Actually, it’s me reliving my golden youth, when I, fed up with the curmudgeonly columnist at one of my first jobs, finally responded to his incessant sexual harassment by turning the tables. I almost felt sorry for the guy by the end of the day.

  3. Hi… if “most of us” know who Kay Whynot really is, can someone please share that information with those of us who don’t know (e.g., Grafton newbies)?

    Inquiring minds want to know! 🙂

  4. Oooo, now that’d make a good blog entry. We want details, Jenn. How’d you turn the tables? Did he even get it? So many of them don’t!

  5. I love the tags on this post. They crack me up. I’m going to search on them now so you will see some hits! Have to see if anyone else tagged anything “liberal loon neglects kids and sleeps in late”, my favorite.

  6. Melissa: “Some guy named Tony” isn’t enough for you?

    Becky: I’m glad someone noticed the tags!

    Been there…: I’m pretty sure he got it. He was pretty well-behaved afterwards. Possibly pinching his ass in front of the mayor was a step too far. I’ll have to write about it some slow weekend.

  7. “Some guy named Tony.” Well, let’s see. We’ve eliminated Tony Soprano. And all of our family members named Tony. And we can safely assume it’s not the late CNN anchor Tony Snow (poor guy!).

    Since there are probably several dozen Tonys living in Grafton, I suppose we can keep guessing… or, if someone knows for sure who Kay Whynot is, maybe he or she could clue us in on what’s apparently the worst-kept secret in town? If you’re nervous about posting it in a public forum, maybe you could e-mail Jenn privately?

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