5 thoughts on “Turning the tables

  1. A very funny story — and it sounds like it was quite effective for you in this situation, Jenn! 🙂 But since I work in HR, I have to caution against trying this approach to deal with sexual harassment from a colleague. This scenario took place many years ago, but in our current workplace climate with its very heightened… ahem… legal sensitivities, the harasser here would very likely have filed a complaint when the tables were turned on him. And since there was actual touching involved, he probably would have won. Always bring these incidents to a manager. In Massachusetts, by law, anyone in a supervisory role must take claims of harassing conduct seriously and an investigation must be conducted. Because Mass. courts tend to side with the victim, employers who ignore the state’s law on sexual harassment do so at their own peril!

    Okay, I’m off the soapbox now………. 🙂

  2. These days, he would have had to sit through the lecture and film on sexual harassment that our HR department mandates every year and, definitely “that’s just how he is,” wouldn’t fly as an excuse.

    But those were the days of paste-up and darkrooms and photo sizing wheels and HE was from the days of typewriters and movable type. 😉

  3. Hey Jenn. Thanks for the story. I had a similar incident many years ago when I was young in my first real job out of college. It was a small company and HR resources were at the whim of the guy doing the harassing. I finally stayed after work one day and told him if he ever touched me again he’d be sorry the lengths I would go to get him to see the error of his ways. He looked surprised, not so much by my speaking up, but I think because I wouldn’t find him attractive. Blech! I like how you stood up to him, though Melissa is right. It would probably come back to you if he complained. Thanks for the fairytale.

  4. It amazes me of how many times we mock the watching of a video to help bring up the issue(s) of any harassment in the work place. Also the fact is scary that most employers do not have any HR services for its own employees and never mind about the risk a company faces because it saves a few bucks a year.
    I know the readers are probably thinking, god I hope you don’t woke here and you must be a buzz kill in the work place. Can you afford to have a sense of humor when your company or someone else becomes the victim of such a claim, depending on what side your one will give you that answer.
    Well I admit to having a sense of humor on all sides, It’s no surprise that I am a big fan of the TV show the Office, and the quote from this past week’s episode “what’s worse than one HR rep… it’s two HR reps”
    My retort is what’s worse than one employment attorney suing your company for not complying, its two of them and the AG office watching very closely after a claim has been submitted!
    Remember a little pharmaceutical office in the next town over back in the 90s!!!

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