Cable license awarded to Verizon

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Grafton Awards Cable Television License To Verizon Communications

The Grafton Board of Selectmen has signed a ten year cable television license with Verizon Communications, Inc. Agreement on terms of the license negotiated by the town’s Cable Advisory Committee were finalized and the license was signed by the Board of Selectmen at the conclusion of a public hearing held on Tuesday, October 14th. Negotiation sessions between the town’s Cable Advisory Committee and Verizon have been held since early May. Verizon Communications now joins Charter Communications as the two companies licensed to provide cable television service to residents of Grafton.

Under terms of the ten year license, Verizon agrees to offer cable television service to a substantial number of residential households served by Verizon’s aerial plant within twelve months of the license date, and shall offer cable service to all residential households in the service area within four years of the license date. Verizon agrees to provide the three channels of PEG Access – Public Access, Educational Access, and Government Access, provided by Grafton Community Television within 180 days of the license date. Verizon will provide a grant to support local PEG programming in the amount of $106,000 and will provide basic cable (TV) service and an outlet at no cost to designated public buildings in Grafton including public schools, police and fire stations and public libraries.

The cable television license agreement is available at the Grafton Town Clerk’s office. The license agreement is also available on the town’s web site – – under the link for Boards and Commissions – Cable Advisory Committee.

The Board of Selectmen, as the Cable License Issuing Authority for Grafton established a Cable Advisory Committee (CAC) to advise it and act on its behalf to the extent permitted under Massachusetts General Laws chapter 166A for cable licensing and license renewal. The CAC negotiates initial cable license agreements and cable license renewals and conducts community outreach and information activities with guidance from the Cable TV Oversight Committee. Current members of the Cable Advisory Committee are Bob Hassinger, Chairman, Peter Carlson and Mark Weinberg, Clerk. The Cable Advisory Committee meets at the Grafton Memorial Municipal Center at 30 Providence Road. Additional information on the Grafton Cable Advisory Committee can be found at the Town of Grafton website under Boards and Commissions


5 thoughts on “Cable license awarded to Verizon

  1. I literally just ran around my office, throwing papers in the air and celebrating. People were giving me the weirdest of looks, but as soon as I said, “FiOS!” they knew the reason for my jubilee. I’m so happy to be out from under the Charter Veil! It is a good day in Grafton.

  2. Without appearing too forward, I would like to say that I am the owner of the Amcomm Verizon Wireless store at Koopman’s Plaza in N. Grafton. As local business owners and employees, we have been waiting for this day for a long time, too, and are very pleased that Grafton residents have access to FiOS. We are here to help you arrange installation and service for FiOS. Please stop in to our location to find out if your address is eligible for FiOS and sign up for the service.


  3. Midday check in on comments: I just deleted a number of FiOS-associated spam from this and other threads on the Verizon contract. I’m allowing Gerry, because he is a local guy, using his real name, and his comment is professional, courteous and to the point. I’m not allowing anything that is misspelled, appears fly-by-night or promises me anything in high-def that involves a hot chick and a horse. (!!!!)

  4. Sigh. Something makes me think we’re going to be waiting the four years at our house. Everyone around us already has FioS except for our tiny little street. Waaaah!

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