Help turn on the lights at GHS

I was forwarded a forward of a forward (I could go on) of this email from Rick Anderson of the Gaudette Insurance Agency. Want to help Grafton High School renovate the football field in memory of Kevin Vulter, who died in a car accident a few weeks ago? Read on:

I have never sent an email to my entire address before but I need your help and 20 seconds of your time could make a big difference. I am involved with an effort to honor Kevin Vulter, a 20 year old man who died tragically in an auto accident less than 4 weeks ago. I am on a committee that will be raising money to renovate the Grafton High School Football Field . This project will include installing lights in honor of Kevin , renovating the field to include turf and making it playable for Soccer , lacrosse, field hockey and football. We will also plan to repave the track which is used by the entire community and we hope to replace the bleachers and build a small field house.

No, I am not asking for money , all I need you to do is spend 20 seconds and click on this link and
vote for the Harry Stevens project in Grafton, Ma. There are 3 fields to complete! There are 14 different communities looking to receive a $100,000 lighting package and the one with the most votes wins! This is not a gimmick! Our committee has every intention of succeeding with the project with or without winning this promotion,but winning this $100,000 lighting package would mean instant success. How often do you have a chance to make this much difference with 20 seconds of your time?

This is part of a WEEI (850 AM) promotion. Here’s the essay submitted by Ryan Vulter, Kevin’s brother and co-captain of the GHS football team:

“We played together at GHS when I was a freshman and he was a senior. I admired how his teammates respected him and how he always gave his best effort on the field. He did question, however, why Grafton did not have lights while many other communities did. Last year, a local construction company who Kevin worked for provided temorary lights for one night game upon the efforts and co-ordination of Kevin. He was very excited for Grafton to have a night game. Again this year, we had a night game with temporary lighting. Unfortunately, Kevin was not there with us. I wore his #28 jersey for that game and wished he could have been there. Over 1,000 people attended the game, which we won for the first time in 2 seasons. Kevin was well liked, always was trying to help someone and had a great sense of humor. He was very generous and kind to his friends. I would like the Town to win this contest so Kevin’s memory will live on and Kevin will be there in spirit as his dream of playing under lights can live on.”


8 thoughts on “Help turn on the lights at GHS

  1. A.C.O.R.N is the agency under investigation for rampant/shameless voter registration fraud. (Sorry for the political humor)

  2. I passed this information along to the Brothers in my Fraternity. We’re spreading the vote for Kevin out here in Western NY!

  3. On the voting for Grafton for the football field lights? I thought I saw in the rules that you were only allowed one vote per email address? If that’s not so, I’ll keep voting (with all 6 of my email addresses)!

  4. Thanks for all the votes everyone! They put a tally up and currently grafton is in a hugeee lead. 1 star=100 votes, 2nd place field has 9 and we have 77!!! However, there is a still a drawing at the end based on number of votes, so keep voting to get our chances as high as they can be and thanks!

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