Get ready for Octoberfest

When we first moved to Grafton and a flier came home for Octoberfest at South Grafton Elementary School, I was kind of wondering why the elementary school was serving beer. But no — it’s not that kind of Octoberfest.

Instead, there are games for kids — ranging from your basic bean bag toss to getting your pitching speed clocked — and bounce houses and all kinds of craft projects. There’s a giant box maze and a “cake walk” and a ton of baked goodies.

And, most important to my kids, there are the raffle baskets. Every classroom at South Grafton makes one — with themes like “movie night” or “action figures” — and others are donated by area vendors and neighborhood groups. My daughter has been talking about her desire to win the “Julie” American Girl doll for WEEKS.

My son, meanwhile, has deemed himself too old for most of Octoberfest, but he happily volunteered to be one of the middle school kids manning (kidding?) a game booth all morning long.

It’s a fabulous way to spend a Saturday if you have small kids and, chances are, you’re going to run into people you know. That’s also part of my memory of my first Octoberfest here: everywhere we turned, there was someone we knew from our neighborhood or a Little League game, and it’s really what solidified our pleasure at choosing to move to Grafton.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that this year, I won’t be sneaking glances at my watch and worrying about getting to work. Instead, I can just shoot photos to my heart’s content. Saturdays off! What a concept!

Sound like fun to you? Head over to South Grafton Elementary School between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. and bring lots of dollar bills — it’s all for the South Grafton PTG!

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