New tricks on the blog

Ooh! What’s this? A shiny new toy for my blog? Let’s try it out!

Yeah, I asked this question once, but look: shiny new gadget! Click it! Click it!


3 thoughts on “New tricks on the blog

  1. I love the new gadget – but I don’t know who Fancy is. As a Connecticut/NY girl, I admit I have found that all pizza in Massachusetts is severly lacking in pizzability. I’m a pizza snob – but seriously, I could get Pepe’s pizza in New Haven and Brooklyn pizza, I can’t go back. I won’t go back. Can someone (not me) open a NY style pizza place in grafton – I swear I’ll vote for you and be your best friend!

  2. I don’t care what the outcome of this vote is, I stand by my vote that Tas-T is the BEST pizza in G-Town.

  3. My kids agree with you there, but still pine for Monti’s in Northborough. Personally, I’m going to miss picking up pizza at Rosa’s Villa in Milford on my way home.

    My daughter has already pointed out to me that, now that I’m home, I have the time to MAKE pizza. Which, I have to say, is kick-ass.

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