The FiOS guy is stalking me

If you see a guy wandering through your neighborhood in a red shirt while carrying a clipboard, don’t be alarmed — it’s the FiOS guy!

“You may not be aware that the town of Grafton recently approved our license for cable TV,” he began.

Dude. I know that. I had an email within minutes of Selectmen signing the contract.

I did not invite the FiOS guy in — I really don’t like to let strange men with clipboards into my house unannounced, I’m kind of weird that way — but I did tell him we’d already made an appointment to be converted.

Hey, it works for the door-to-door religion pushers, why not?


3 thoughts on “The FiOS guy is stalking me

  1. Beware of the FIOS guy…

    I invited him in, listened to the speech, and began the process. It turns out he was a broker, selling Verizon services. Am I really getting the best deal? Why are you trying to switch my phone service over right now? Why does the “deal” I am getting include a one year committment with a $179 early termination fee? If I am only making an appointment for installation, why does the document I am signing look like a contract and reads “By signing this form you are purchasing your FIOS…”. All of these questions were vaguely answered with replies like “This is as good as it gets”, “this is how it is done”, and “that’s not what the contract means”. Sure, I was all too eager to dump Charter, but alas, the line was crossed. He placed a call from my home phone to headquarters to “confirm my installation appointment” The telephone rep wanted all my phone numbers including cell phones, date of birth, and Social security number. They refused to process an order without this information, and had to cancel the enrollment when I refused to provide my social. Why does a utility company need my social? Nstar, National Grid, Grafton water, and even Charter get along just fine without it. I strongly suspect that it was “required” to facilitate credit bureau activity if I chose to dispute an early termination fee…

  2. I signed up online. The guy that helped me was not the most efficient, but he gave me a link to a really good deal. I am going to be paying almost half of what charter costs for the next year. Even verizon’s regular price is better than charter’s. I don’t know how charter gets away with charging so much. When I was in Waltham, we had comcast and it was cheaper than charter; plus we had way better service. I don’t care what info verizon wants, i just gotta get FIOS tv!

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