Town Meeting is TONIGHT

What are you doing tonight at 7:30?

I’m sorry. “Preparing for the Patriots’ Monday Night Football game” is NOT the correct answer. “Mourning the Red Sox loss in Game 7” and “Checking out Nicole Ritchie on ‘Chuck'” are wrong answers as well.

You’re going to Town Meeting.

You’re excited about Town Meeting.

You think October Town Meetings are the best idea since taking your company public, thus leaving your financial matters up to the whims of stockholders and the stock market and oh-my-God-18-cents-a-share-we-gotta-cut-staff…

Ahem. Anyway.

We’ve got an exceptionally busy warrant for a fall Town Meeting, and you can argue all you want about it being an archaic form of town government (hi honey!), but if you don’t go to it tonight, you’re going to miss out on some important issues.

Full warrant? Here.

The biggies:

Article 24: Purchase of the Pell Farm for $2.175 million (out of CPA funds) for conservation land;

Article 26: $750,000 for modular classrooms to ease overcrowding at Grafton Middle School (which, if it passes Town Meeting, will require a special election for the debt exclusion);

Article 32: Biomedical research bylaw. The draft language can be read here.

Personally, I’m kind of happy to be tackling Town Meeting along with my first week as a freelance journalist (I’ve decided “unemployed” is too negative) — you know, I have plenty of time to write up the minute-by-minute account tomorrow!

And I’m begging you — if you’re coming for only one article on the warrant and you want to split early to relieve the babysitter, try to carpool with someone in your neighborhood so the other parent can at least stay to vote on the remaining items. You wouldn’t let your kids skip their vegetables, would you?


One thought on “Town Meeting is TONIGHT

  1. Thanks for reminding everyone of this important civic event, Jenn. I think it’s a safe bet things will run more smoothly tonight than they did in May.

    I’d like to put in a fresh plug for article 24, the purchase of the Pell Land. The Finance Committee recommends the article and other boards (Planning, ConCom) have expressed support as well.

    One thing to keep in mind: Because it involves bonding, the article will require a 2/3ds super-majority to pass, so it’s important that people who think it’s a good idea make every effort to to be there and be counted.

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