12:10 a.m. and we’re out!

Holy moly, what a long night for FALL Town Meeting!

Articles I thought would go quickly became tied up in debate… articles I knew would be debated were debated for reasons that weren’t even on my radar screen (hunting? State Rep. Peterson shot that one right by me.) (I’m sorry. I’m very tired.) … articles I thought would be the tie-ups passed quickly with little to no discussion.

The bullet points, and yes, I’m going to make every single gun-related pun known to mankind in my full write-up, so you’re just going to have to bear with me (unless it’s hunting season, in which case I’ll be standing no where near the bear):

  • Winter parking ban — Defeated!
  • Non-criminal disposition bylaw, which would have allowed town officials like the building inspector to hand out violations with fines attached — passed over, with some audience distrust for certain town officials!
  • We’re buying the Pell Farm Land — but paint yourself bright orange and announce frequently that you’re not a deer, because hunters are going to be there through fall and winter!
  • Modular classrooms — coming soon to Grafton Middle School!
  • That is, if the special election says it’s so! Will try to get date on that tomorrow. I’m sorry, make that today. It IS past midnight.
  • Storm water management — apparently requires the World’s Largest Powerpoint presentation. If you left Town Meeting early, be forewarned — it was passed over, so it’s probably going to make a return appearance in May!
  • Biomedical research bylaw — passed without any discussion!

All that and a plea from the town moderator to viewers at home to DVR the meeting for prosperity because the cameraguy was running out of videotape!

We’ll chat about it all tomorrow (sorry, TODAY), but right now, I’m going to bed. The middle schooler’s going to be up in five and a half hours!


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