Special election not yet set

A brief note before I get into the swing of things today: the special election on the debt exclusion for the middle school modular classrooms has NOT been set yet. Yes, just like with the feasibility study in the spring, this will require a majority of the town’s voters turning out to support the measure.

Ballots for the November election have already been drawn up and, in some cases, sent out to voters, so it cannot be taken care of then.

And here’s a few stats from my behind-the-scenes dashboard:

  • I’m registering over 30 clicks on the link to win lights for Grafton High School. Keep clicking away and share with your friends! We apparently have an entire fraternity working on it now.
  • The blog has hit over 30,000 views as of yesterday.
  • And we set a new daily view high yesterday, just a hair under 550 views. Granted, that’s low by most site standards, but for a blog about a small town in Massachusetts that only has word-of-mouth publicity? I’ll take it!
  • My favorite search that brought someone to the blog today: “Grafton vs. Upton best place to live.” Is it even a contest?

2 thoughts on “Special election not yet set

  1. Thanks for the replay of the town meeting (with wonderful personal sidenotes) because, unfortunately, something came up and I was unable to attend. Now I’m really creeped out and scared that we’re going to be hunting on the Pell Farm if they buy it. I better start running in bright orange from now on…

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