Bye Natalie

I’ll give credit where it’s due: The Grafton News in my mail today reports that Town Administrator Natalie Lashmit has submitted her resignation, effective Dec. 31. The announcement was made this week at the Board of Selectmen’s meeting (which I didn’t watch and, apparently, the Telegram didn’t cover. I’m going to start DVR-ing meetings).

“Ms. Lashmit appreciates the opportunity she had to serve as Town Administrator for the Town of Grafton and its citizens during these tough economic times. Ms. Lashmit said she will support the Board in the recruitment of a new Town Administrator and in the transition of the Town administration at the end of December 2008.”

Lashmit has been town administrator since April 2006. Prior to that she held a similar position in the town of Boxborough and, before that, she was a city councilor in Marlborough, where I first got to know her.

My dealings with Natalie have always been positive — she was one of my favorite people in my past life covering Marlborough City Hall — but I really haven’t interacted with her much in her role here. I also can’t say I’m surprised to hear this after she was unavailable at Town Meeting and, if I recall correctly, her evaluation was a bit less than glowing.

I really can’t say much beyond that, what say you? How hard is it going to be to find someone to lead the town in these tough economic times?


5 thoughts on “Bye Natalie

  1. I’m sure there is a reason for Natalie to be leaving and judging from her poor reviews and her absenteeism at this week’s meeting – it may be best for the town that she quietly steps aside. We have a lot of important issues to tackle in the next couple of years and it will be important to have a town admin that can work well with the BoS. I hope the next administrator is ready to roll up their sleeves and be able to make some tough decisions.

    In other news – did you notice the story to the left of the article about Natalie? The School District and Teachers’ Union are seeking the help of a mediator. That situation could get worse before it gets better! (might be worth some investigative reporting…I would love to know more about the issues causing the impasse.)

  2. Michael,
    Don’t consider yourself new, I moved to the states the same time you did. Sorry about saying a few on a committe have passed a by-law I should say the Town had adopted what the few on the committee have presented, as I am sure you already know it’s how By-Laws are passed.
    One that I know for sure and i make reference too is the Wet Land protection by-law passed some many moons ago. Perhaps GreaterGrafton could shed some light on this? I am sure she could be more objective than I. As you can tell I am now becoming more bias towards any new by-law needing to be passed. Now that i think of it, did the DPW try to pass a no parking by-law that I think already exists?
    All this typing and reading on this blog has made me parched Yikes! it’s time for muchas cervezas frías y el fútbol.

  3. It would be nice if you covered the story that the lawsuit against the Town and former Town Administrator Russ Connor by Nancy Billings was decided. Russ Connor was found not guilty on all charges.

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