Help keep elders warm this winter

We’ve talked about economic problems — I’m now jobless, no one knows how to pay for college, houses just aren’t selling and… God, what is this, the depression blog?

But there is something immediate you can do to make a difference. You can help keep elderly Grafton residents warm this winter.

Senior Center Director Michelle Drumm reports that fuel assistance heating requests went up 35 percent last year — and they’re expecting an even larger need this year.

“We are currently being inundated for requests and the SMOC fuel assistance program doesn’t even start until Nov. 1st,” Drumm said in an email (I contacted her after blog reader Caroline forwarded me some info.) “The trouble is that many are just above the income cut off and they will not receive fuel assistance from the state but they could be helped with the donations we receive.  Also, even for those that qualify for SMOC, there is a concern that there is not enough monies to keep them warm through Christmas.”

What can you do to help? A fund has been set up to help local elders with their heating costs, and it seems like such a direct way to help people this winter.

If you would like to donate to the fund for elders who have difficulty staying warm, you may donate to FOGE (Friends of Grafton Elders), make your check out to FOGE, and be sure to notate in the memo section “heating fund.”  That check can be sent to FOGE, P.O. Box 186, Grafton MA  01519, or you may mail or drop it off at the Senior Center, 30 Providence Rd, Grafton.

But what about the people who are below 60? That assistance goes through the Grafton Food Bank. You can help people with heat by making out your check out to the Grafton Food Bank, with a notation in the memo section stating “heat fund.”  That check can be sent to Grafton Food Bank, c/o Town Clerk’s Office, 30 Providence Rd, Grafton.


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