Sign, sign everywhere a sign

Every town has one — the one lawn at the intersection everyone gets stuck at where every politician wants to place a sign.

In Bellingham, that used to be at the neon green house on Hartford Avenue, right in front of the Interstate 495 exit. We used to give directions to our house with the comment “you’ll know you took the right exit if you see an ugly green house!”

Political candidates used to lobby long and hard to get that coveted space until the family finally gave up and said everyone could use their lawn. Then it was a contest to see who could get their sign up there first.

The family finally painted their house boring blue. You’ll still see signs there, but it’s just not the same.

Anyway, in Grafton, that spot appears to be here, where Rtes. 140 and 122 meet at a traffic light:

Early in the political season, that was strictly Doug Belanger territory. His sign came down when Michael Moore’s sign went up and then was resurrected. The signs continued to live in harmony even after the primary but now, apparently, it’s the new Switzerland in the Moore-John Lebeaux race for the 2nd Worcester state Senate seat.

Looks like the Obama team better get cracking…


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