Don’t stop. They’ll monogram you.

During Women’s Night Out, there was always a steady crowd around most of the jewelry booths, a line for the wine tasting and general happy banter all about the gymnasium at the Municipal Building.

One booth, however, stood out from the crowd because the women there were just so energetic and cheerful, and their monogrammed towels and decorated plates were really spectacular.

And that would be the booth run by the Three Hip Chicks — Chris Wehmann, Chris Forte and Heather Berube, a mom and two daughters (or two sisters and their mother). The trio were selling their monogrammed bath wraps and handtowels, but their website is a monogram heaven — they have jewelry, bags, candles, stationary, soaps and wall art and they say they’re constantly finding new things on which to put initials.

“We do this as a family and we really love it,” said Chris Wehmenn. “Our mantra is, if it’s not nailed down, monogram it.”

The trio started their business four years ago when the sisters learned how to make monogrammed silver bracelets and thought it might be fun to sell them on the side. They expanded their wares into other lines and recently spun off a side business, Kate’ Plates, which personalizes melamine plates, dog bowls, trays and tumblers. Check out their website — there’s a lot of cute stuff there, and it’s not just for kids.

Support small Grafton businesses! I have a few more just itching to get out of my notebook — stay tuned!


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