Denise CAN do it

Have you ever experienced the pain of stepping on a small metal construction vehicle or kneeling on a Lego? I’m pretty sure Denise Tucker has.

Tucker is behind Denise Designs, one of the exhibitors at Women’s Night Out recently. She unfortunately doesn’t have a website, and I thought I’d taken more pictures of her wares, but take a look — these are seriously both cute and useful:

Tucker takes paint cans — she gets them by the gross, unused, from a hardware store — and decorates them for various uses. There was a construction-themed can that would have been perfect for all my son’s mini-trucks, there are princess and dance-themed cans for all a little girl’s tiny pretties, there were cans suitable to store baby stuff or to use instead of wrapping paper for a small present.

“I’m addicted to paper and ribbons,” she confessed. “This is just a way for me to satisfy my paper cravings.”

Just think of the possibilities — a can of toys for the car, cans for Legos, a can to store all those necklaces she won at Octoberfest that she just can’t bear to part with. Even if you use it just to wrap a present, it’s going to be one time you won’t mind when the kids are more interested in the wrappings than in the gift!

Tucker also designs greeting cards and decorated cakes for all occasions. I didn’t see her cakes, but honestly, anyone who can make a paint can look THAT good has the eye to make a pretty cake.

Want to learn more? Drop her a line at denise.designs (at)

4 thoughts on “Denise CAN do it

  1. Awesome Denise! I am a fan of your cans! All my relatives love the “New Baby” Cans! It fits all the special little keep sakes! You are very creative! Best Wishes!

  2. Denise,

    I LOVE your customized clip boards! The details that you put on them (from the custom lettering to the matching paper, notebooks and post-it-note holders) makes your gifts very personalized! In fact, I’m still waiting to order my own custom clipboard with my favorite coordinating colors! Thank you for allowing me to choose my own!

  3. Ditto the clipboards! Gave them as teacher gifts last year and they were a HUGE hit! She is very creative and easy to work with – you have to check out ALL her items.

  4. Denise definitely needs a website, at least a page with photos of some of her wares and her email to contact for commissions — can I suggest WordPress? It’s free, customizable and not all designs are as “bloggy” as mine. 🙂

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