Stuffed shirts on the Common

Have you been outside lately? I was wearing only a long sleeved shirt this morning for my walk around the Common and just now, when I went BACK to the Common (because my camera’s batteries died the first time out), it was winter-cold. I almost believe my weather bug, which claims we’re going to have “a snow shower” this afternoon.

My subject for the day was very patient waiting for me to come back with my camera. Maybe I let it wait a little too long.


That’s right, it’s scarecrow time on Grafton Common again. The Rec Department had a family scarecrow-making day over the weekend. I originally planned to take photos of that, but my daughter wanted to do something even more scary: attend a showing of “High School Musical 3.”

There were at least two birthday parties in the theater and the girls in our row were constantly up and down visiting the restroom. The mom who accompanied them each and every time muttered to me “I don’t even know if this movie has a plot, I’ve spent so much time in the bathroom.”

Don’t you feel safer, walking through the Common, knowing Batman is on duty?

Scarecrows run the gamut from the classic…

… to Harry Potter…

… and robots…

… and do you get the idea that a lot of people decided to recycle old Halloween costumes?

It’s really a cool tradition to have started in town and I’m hoping there isn’t a High School Musical 4 to keep me away from the fun next year.

See? Even Hannah Montana agrees.


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