October stats

The blog had some interesting milestones in October, some of which were more noticeable than others.

For one: there are a LOT more of you commenting these days. I have to approve the first comment of a person who is posting for the first time; I did that 40 times over the last month — and more than half of them came back to chat on other posts. Welcome to the conversation, guys!

Also, yesterday set a new high for site views: 625 hits!

  • Daily hits on weekdays now hover in the mid to high 500 range, probably fueled by Town Meeting and news that the teachers intend to work to rule;
  • Weekends, however, tend to drop to 200-300 hits, probably because everyone’s goofing around with their families rather than just goofing off at work;
  • Site hits were 4,822 in August, 9,456 in September and 11,150 for October;
  • Top posts for the month: Anyone looking for a writer?, 9:46-10:54 p.m Hunting down terrorist deer, Help turn on the lights at GHS, 10:55 p.m.-12:05 a.m. The Powerpoint from hell, What work to rule means — and why;
  • Most comments on a story: 21 on The Powerpoint from hell;
  • If someone drops in from another blog, most of the time it’s from Train Stopping;
  • Forty-four visitors clicked the link to the Friday Night Lights contest, making it the top click on the blog, not counting the dearly departed Working… With Kids;
  • If you’re wondering why the cameraman cartoon is included with this post, I’m wondering why he’s consistently the top image search that brings people here. Seriously, I get hits on this guy every. single. day.

Fun thing I learned this week: Jeff Barnard, who writes Wormtown Taxi, is a Grafton native, and he very nicely wrote about Greater Grafton here.


6 thoughts on “October stats

  1. Congratulations, Jenn.

    I look forward to reading your posts. Funny, informative, sometimes sarcastic! Love it!

    Keep up the good work.

  2. “Sometimes” sarcastic? I must be slipping!

    And after saying weekend traffic is low — yesterday reached over 400, today’s traffic surpassed that BEFORE NOON! I’m seeing a lot of referrals from Grafton school department emails; something hit a nerve.

  3. I’ve been forwardinig the site to all of those I know from Graton. Glad to contribute to the numbers. It’s a great blog…I’ll be sure to visit several times a day.

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