10 thoughts on “You will be unassimilated

  1. Sad to read. I went through the process a year ago. At the time it was heart wrenching. Unemployment was a first for me and learning what to do and how to do it was an experience that made me nervous. All I can say is it’s not that bad and when you find another job you’ll feel different. Good luck in the search.

  2. It is tough. However you can do it all online and phone. Including checking in once a week on Sunday and getting your check in the mailbox on Tuesday. Been there!

  3. I’m curious how the job market is for this industry. With the internet whittling away at the demand for printed news. I know personally, after discovering this blog, I will, most likely, never pick up a Grafton News paper. (Not that I did much anyway) I also know that from what I’ve read in the T&G lately…they could use some good talent like you…

  4. There is no job market for this industry. Most newspapers have hiring freezes at the moment — heck, most of them have had them for quite a while.

    On Facebook, there’s a group called “Newspaper Escape Plan,” which pretty much sums up how people in the industry are feeling these days. Creating a news site is one thing, especially if you’re used to writing and reporting on a regular basis, but how do you get paid for it? (And while I’ve been having fun creating this one, it’s by no means your one-stop shopping Grafton experience — I wouldn’t cancel your subscription to the weekly yet)

    I’ve actually been seeing a career counselor who specializes in helping women switch careers. It’s time for me to accept that the Titanic is sinking.

    Really, who knew that newspapers were going to be obsolete?

  5. Riiight. Because I’m so patient with people who can’t write.

    “You’re BANNED from English class! BANNED! You’ve confused the plural with the possessive one too many times!”

  6. Get some local businesses to pay to advertise on your site. With the numbers you’ve been posting lately, it looks like you should have a go at it…

  7. It’s a little more complicated than it sounds.

    The site’s hosted for free on WordPress, so I need to move it over to a paid hosting to take ads. I’m still learning graphics skills and need to know a bit more before I’d be confident I could actually do what I think the site needs — before I can sell an ad, I need to know how to create one.

    Also, newsroom/ad sales is church and state — the two do not meet, one cannot influence the other — and selling is yet another skill I have to learn.

  8. I hate to say it, but you could do what I did…sell your soul to the dark side…*gasp* public relations, that is…there is a site, higheredjobs.com that lists everything…right now there is a job for a writer/editor for UMass Memorial in Worcester…great benefits and pay is around $54K…email me if you want more info on how to find a job in this field…I thought it would be the death of me (I mean, 8 years of deadlines on Wednesdays and now I can *do* things in the middle of the week??) but it has been OK…even great. So e-mail me.

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