Your week in crime

Something I decided early on when I discovered I was keeping an unofficial news site: I’m not going to cover crime. I don’t want to chase police cars or even fire trucks; I’ve seen enough bloody accident scenes for more than one lifetime.

Also, the most annoying callers to the paper were almost always calling about the police log.

“You RUINED my son’s LIFE by printing that he was arrested for drunk driving!” a woman would yell.

“I didn’t beat up my girlfriend; it was all a misunderstanding!” a man would say.

That being said — Police Chief Normand Crepeau Jr. has been emailing me the police logs once a week ever since our discussion about public records access a couple months back. They’re the same ones that are posted on the department’s website, but he’s nice enough to email them out to me so if someone does ask me “hey, what’s up with the person pooping in the mailboxes?” I can go to the log and see that, yes, there’s been a vandalism report in that neighborhood and, no, there doesn’t appear to be an arrest.

Wanna look? I’ve attached them here: daily-log-11-1-08

Is there any interest in seeing them on the site regularly?

Bear in mind that these are exactly how I got ’em — if there’s something on there you feel is incorrect, don’t call me. Call the chief.

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