Early returns in Grafton

My pint-sized political reporter at Grafton Elementary School has the exclusive:

“EVERYONE at Grafton Elementary voted for Barack Obama!”

The kids apparently made up political signs for each candidate, with their own slogans, and put them up around the school. They all voted today, with Obama claiming victory.

My slightly larger-sized reporter at Grafton Middle School also reports election activity:

“Obama won at my school, too, but only the eighth graders were allowed to vote.”

We’ll see how the adults voted in just a few hours…


7 thoughts on “Early returns in Grafton

  1. What I thought was interesting, at least at GES, is that they just proclaimed a winner, so your daughter’s comment seems appropriate… “everyone voted for Obama” without giving out the number of votes for each candidate…My daughter proudly voted for McCain!

  2. About a month ago my 3.5 yr old said she wanted McCain. After some subtle yet continusous re-programming strategies (ie parental brain washing) she pulled through and changed her vote at her pre-school election.

    I think its pretty funny how the indoctrination of political tendencies in our precious little kiddies start so early!

  3. Political tendencies? I’d say the most frightening moment of my parental life was the 24 hours when my preschool son insisted he was… a Yankees fan.

    It took some heavy time with the Clockwork Orange eye lid-opening apparatus and constant footage of great moments in Red Sox history, but he’s now firmly back on track and we don’t talk about that dark day.

    But on topic — my mother dragged me around the neighborhood when I was 3, campaigning for McGovern, and for years there were tons of his maroon buttons popping up around the house. I grew up holding signs for various Democrats (Dad included) and working on various campaigns.

    When I voted for Bill Weld for governor, I thought my parents were going to disown me…

  4. I think you were subconciously casting a rebellion vote….? Or perhaps, you had the incredible forsight to know that Weld would be a key cog in the Republicans for Obama crew.

  5. Too funny… I also voted for Weld in 1990, as many other Democrats did. Probably the only — and last — time I’ll ever vote for a Republican.

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