‘What I really want to do is direct’

It’s night and you’re dreaming about the Academy Awards. You’re up against Spielberg and Scorsese for the director’s Oscar. Oh sure, Lucas is in the race for yet another revival of the “Star Wars” series, this time setting the action at a galactic Town Meeting, but everyone knows the golden man is going to go to one of the Big Three — and of the three, you’re the biggest.

But sadly, you wake before Angelina Jolie can rip open the envelope. It’s just another unrequited dream.

Think you have what it takes to be a director?  Grafton Community Television wants YOU.

GCTV is introducing a new series of workshops that will help its cable television access producers learn new skills. The first of the new classes, the GCTV Advanced Directing Workshop, will be held Monday, Nov. 24, 7-9 p.m. at the GCTV studios at 296 Providence Road in South Grafton.

According to Danielle DeLucia, Grafton Community Television Public Access Coordinator, “GCTV has always been fortunate that the Cable Oversight Committee has provided funding for improved equipment and computer software upgrades over the years, and we’ve planned these new workshops to help all our cable access producers have more fun and be better prepared to produce shows for GCTV.”

Anyone who has completed the basic eight week GCTV producers course, offered several times each year, is eligible to sign up. More information about GCTV educational offerings can be
found at the new education opportunities link found on the GCTV web site. For registration,  call Danielle at (508) 839-2983 or email  GCTV11@charter.net

Monthly schedules for Grafton Community Television Channels 11, 12 and 13 can be found at www.graftontv.org. Channel 11 provides general interest programming, Channel 12 broadcasts town government programming, and Channel 13 features school programming and high school sports events.


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