Exercising inner eyes

Around a table in the Senior Center’s craft room, women were breathing with intense focus — in through the nose, out through the mouth — and looking within themselves for insight.

Each held a personal item in her hands — a watch, a set of keys — given to her by a woman they had never met before that day. They ran their hands over the items but the feelings they were looking for were far from tactile.

Around them paced Jenny Lynn Metevia, a Grafton resident and spiritual teacher who believes that the telepathic mind can be found in everyone. Metevia had thought, early on, that her life would lie in teaching and, in fact, she holds a masters degree in education that says she’s qualified for life in a classroom. She just never imagined that her classrooms would be so many — in senior centers, New Age stores and private rooms around the United States, South America and Europe — and that her lessons would come from a gift that she says manifested itself from birth.

“I love teaching this one — they get to see what they can do, what they’re capable of,” she said of this class, which teaches psychometry, the ability to get feelings and pictures from an object.

Yeah, it sounds weird. It’s certainly not scientific. But for the women in Metevia’s class, the exercise was, to coin a phrase, inner eye opening.

I’m not going to quote specifics, because the women who attended probably did not expect that someone would be there taking notes. But many of them described feelings and pictures that corresponded rather specifically to the object owners’ lives — the history of the house where they lived, a certain feature in their beloved garden — and several described moments in their lives when they were positive they had been touched by something that was beyond normal perception.

Plus, I own a haunted ring. I really can’t be judgmental.

Metevia is a regular guest on WBZ News Radio’s Jordan Rich Show.

“We take calls — that’s what’s so awesome, all these people share their stories,” she said.

Metevia trained with Dr. Brian Weiss, author of “Many Lives, Many Masters,” in past life regression therapy and has trained with psychic Sylvia Browne on psychic development. Her life as a full-time spritual teacher and psychic medium began only at the beginning of the decade after she realized that her “on the side” psychic life was actually her real calling.

And yes, you could scoff at all of this. But as Metevia talks with the women about protecting their energies, you realize she’s dispensing good advice: stay away from negativity, start your day with a positive attitude and thanks to whatever higher power is your belief, take time to concentrate on your breathing and look within.

“Water everywhere is healing,” she advises. “Sitting by a lake, drawing a bath, sitting in the bath… even the act of washing your hands or feet is a very purifying thing to do for your energy. Water purification has been used for centuries.”

As Metevia leaves the Municipal Building, she peeks into the Senior Center cafeteria, where she was gratified to see several of the women who had attended her session paired off and happily discussing their experiences.

“Just look at that,” she said. “They found something they didn’t know they could do.”


One thought on “Exercising inner eyes

  1. Interesting. I’m a spiritual seeker and fairly psychic myself, but not a huge fan of Jenny Lynn (so far). She seems too concerned with making money, as several of my friends have also commented. Her fees are quite pricey, despite the fact that she’s not a big name and has not displayed her talents.
    A friend of mine, a college professor, got a psychic reading for her and to say he was disappointed would be an understatement. In addition to feeling ripped off, he said she was completely inaccurate, and instead of giving him psychic input, fed him a bunch of psychological platitudes he could have gotten free of charge from pretty much anybody.
    Am I just being a skeptic, a negative Nelly? I don’t think so. I love the paranormal, I believe there are legitimate psychics, mediums and healers out there, but so far, Jenny Lynn Metevia has yet to convince me.

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