Sunday hero

If you’re skimming the Globe magazine’s “Giving issue” today, you might have missed the Grafton reference on page 36. One of the small profiles scattered throughout the issue is Karl Chapin, 59, a Grafton resident who willingly gave — are you ready for this? — his left kidney.

Wow. One of my former co-workers’ big causes was kidney donation, particularly times when a person motivated by nothing but the desire to help a stranger offered up a kidney. This is one of those stories.

Chapin writes that he found his organ donor card in his wallet and got to thinking — why wait until he was dead? He found the site and was inspired by the story of an Arlington restaurant owner.

“A part of my body changed a man’s life,” writes Chapin, who lost a hand saving a man in the Vietnam War. “I just took a little pain.”


Bonus! Chapin was on WBZ back in June. I can’t imbed it, but you can see the video here.


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