Planning Grafton’s farmer’s market

All right, all right, to appease those who may have been a little freaked out by the giant American Girl doll head in the last post (how creepy must that store be after closing with all those dolls in their little glass cases staring out with their little glass eyes seeking to steal your soul?), let’s get back to Grafton business.

On the agenda for tomorrow night: is it possible to get a farmer’s market in town?

The Community Barn on Wheeler Street Tuesday at 7 p.m. will host a kick-off organizational meeting on the potential Grafton Farmer’s Market, which tentatively may have a home on the Town Common Thursdays from July through October. While it will fall under the umbrella of the Grafton Recreation Department for insurance purposes, it needs volunteers to get the idea and organization off the ground.

Now that CSA season is over and I’m back shopping supermarket produce, I’m craving fresh-from-the-farm fruits and veggies again. I think the idea of a centrally located venue for locally grown food is a fabulous idea.

Questions? Contact Michael Urban, urban_michael2002 (at) or comment here, because I know (ahem) he reads the blog on occasion.


3 thoughts on “Planning Grafton’s farmer’s market

  1. Oh, what a fantastic idea…this vegan is thanking whoever came up with it. Of course, a farmer’s market is something vegans and carnivores alike can get behind!

  2. If everything works out, this should be great on many levels. One of the most important things to me is that Houlden Farms appears to be excited to join in…so it will truly be a ‘local’ Farmers’ Market.

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