Wreath house

I thought I hallucinated this on High Street while grocery shopping last weekend, but hallucinations generally don’t photograph well. THIS WAS UP BEFORE VETERANS DAY, PEOPLE!


10 thoughts on “Oh HELL NO.

  1. Jenn,
    I saw the term “Christmas Creep” as a file name — did you coin this term? I’ve never heard it before, and it aptly describes your photo!

  2. Nope, not an original term from me. The Consumerist blog has been using it and it’s been tossed around for at least the last few years; I know I’ve used it in at least one “Holy crap, the stores are already pushing Christmas” business story.

    The Natick mall already has a menorah out — a MENORAH! Chanukah isn’t until Dec. 22! — so Christmas creep has evolved into a multi-culti event. Doesn’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy?

  3. The Christmas spirit already? My gut reaction to people who simply can’t wait until the time is right is that they are either a) starving for attention, b) so disorganized that they don’t know what the date is, or c) delusionally happy and love to celebrate the next big holiday as fast and furiously as they can.

    I say pop a Xanax and wait until a few weeks before each holiday, people.

  4. Although I don’t like seeing the Christmas creep, I think Christmas linger is worse. With all that is going on during the build up I can dismiss creep, but linger just…lingers. Anybody who leaves their brown/wilting wreaths on their door in Jan … and Feb…and March should lose their decorating privileges.

  5. Are you sure it hasn’t been up since last Christmas? I’ve seen houses that have lights on them all year round. Kind of reminds of… “You know you’re a redneck when…”

  6. Christmas lights were lit on a house on Whitney Street in Northboro last night. If you are in the mood early, drop by the Country Store – they have everything out – Christmas ornaments, decorations, lights, tablecloths, glassware – you name it. And, playing Carols too!

  7. What’s that radio statio that has been playing all Christmas carols since around November 1st? 105.7 FM?? I wonder how many listeners they lose (or gain?) by doing that!

  8. OK – I must confess that I have most of my outside Christmas lights up already – they are not turned on – but they are ready to go…for Thanksgiving night that is …

    I would much rather do it now in 50 degree weather than waiting until it’s “the right time” … and 30 degrees and 20 mph winds.

    So say what you will about us … no we’re not starving for attention, can’t say that I am unorganized (maybe a little too organized) – probably just using a little common sense and taking advantage of the nice weather we have had lately…

    So go ahead and poke fun at us – but just know that we will be quietly smiling at those of you that will be freezing your fingers off stringing those precious lights and trying to enjoy the holiday spirit….:)

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