A farmer’s market — on the Common or elsewhere?

I went to the meeting last night for the Grafton Farmer’s Market, which is still in the planning stages — and heck, it may end up being called something more cutesy and less straightforward in the long run, but let’s stick with farmer’s market for now. Some outreach has been made to local farms, there’s been discussion with the Recreation Department of it falling under their umbrella in some fashion and there are questions… lots of questions… about contract wording and food handling and marketing and… don’t you just want to go out and buy some produce already?

Right now, Grafton Common has been booked for Thursdays through the summer and we had a lot of discussion about whether it’s the best location.

Pros: It’s centrally located, everyone knows where it is, it’s picture-perfect, and it will almost advertise itself because everyone ends up running through that area.

Cons: Parking, traffic, cleanup.

We threw around some other locations, which I’ve indicated in the poll below. Bear in mind that these were ideas that simply came up; we don’t know if all of them are feasible.

(Crosses fingers that the bugs in the poll software have been worked out)


3 thoughts on “A farmer’s market — on the Common or elsewhere?

  1. Yep – I tried to stuff the virtual ballot box with 3 votes for Grafton common – but only the first one was counted.

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