7 thoughts on “Coming soon: Greatergrafton.com

  1. Whenever someone asked me what I wanted for my birthday or Christmas, I always said “time!” Time to write, time to learn all this computer stuff, time for my kids, time to cook…

    Maybe I should be the one with the early Christmas decorations out?

  2. Regarding notifying linking sites about the domain change, if you type the following into Yahoo you’ll see all the sites that link to your blog:
    linkdomain:greatergrafton.wordpress.com -site:greatergrafton.wordpress.com

    (Yahoo is better at showing inbound links than Google.)

  3. So Greatergrafton, are you buying the domain in an effort to provide news online to Grafton’s greater population?
    You mentioned selling ad space on your domain, that to me sounds like a business plan in the making. Are you truly fed up with KayWhyNot’s opinion column? Or is it the lack of DAILY coverage from the only other news source in the area. Since the loss of Donna Boynton covering Grafton, I have given up on the Telegram as it is now a pathetic news source and that is being nice.
    Please tell us more as it will be very interesting if you bring competition in Grafton for news source. I would drop my company’s ads at the Telegram in a heartbeat. Are you the Verizon of competition to our monopolistic Charter Communications?
    I would subscribe (pay) for a Grafton on-line news source, and yes I would continue to buy the Grafton News. Anyone else?

  4. I can think of other businesses interested in advertising on this widely read (and increasingly read) blog. (Especially as it is GREATER Grafton) These businesses would still advertise in the Grafton News. As a reader, I would prefer to read this great blog at no charge (of course) provided Jenn could make a go of it with ad income.

    I have been turning to Jenn’s blog for the great writing (humorous yet intelligent), the news source and the comments from my neighbors. I liked Donna Boynton but even with her on the Grafton beat she was spread thin and news of Grafton was sporadic in the T&G.

    I say go for it, Jenn. Need a salesperson for ad space?

  5. Right now, I’m simply hedging my bets. I would love to sell ads but as anyone with sales experience would tell you, it’s a bit more than just calling out “hey! Got a blog here! Buy ads!” to make it sustainable.

    Right now, however, I’m not expecting to be hired anywhere until after the holidays, so I may as well use this time to do my “exploring other career opportunities” to the hilt, whether that’s playing with words on a blog or learning interesting graphics skills that might make that blog a bit more visually appealing. 🙂

    Anyone with sales experience and advice are more than welcome to offer their suggestions via email!

  6. I have to agree with FromOneWhoKnowsTheScore. This is the only collective online source for Grafton related articles. Even if the Grafton News was online (which I wish it was), this site has a much more personal outlook on everything around town. Keep up the good work!

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