2 thoughts on “Thought of the morning

  1. The cell phone thing makes me crazy…I’m a computer programmer and am surrounded by a lot of “Geeks” who are obsessed with having the latest and greatest technology all the time. I have a cell phone for sending and receiving calls…that’s it. I had a friend text me while I was out with some friends. A few days later she asked why I didn’t text her back. I told her that I don’t text. She looked at me like I had two heads.

    I also work some of those people you see walking around with blue tooth thing hanging off their ear…kind of looks like a cockroach latched to the side of their head. They just walk around talking…to nobody. It’s nuts. Reminds me of this…

  2. Apparently the problems of the economy and the world fall very low in the Globe’s priority list when such things as you mention “demand” page space.

    How about a story on saving energy around your house, buying fuel efficient cars, great deals on tuition for middle income families… How can I think so pragmatically when the lure of how much Manny will be “over”paid is tweaking my interests?

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