Yep, definitely trying to tell us something


I’ve seen these for a few weeks now, but mostly in spots where stopping to get a picture might get me killed (I have yet to master snapping photos while leaning out the car window and driving with my feet).


2 thoughts on “Yep, definitely trying to tell us something

  1. Does anyone know the progress of the negotiation talks? I thought there were some meetings scheduled soon, though there is very little public info regarding them. Have any happened yet? I know we won’t know details but progress would be a good thing!

  2. Ok Greatergrafton this is why I like this site so much. I get to banter about the news…

    Why can’t a sign say ” Grafton AND its Teachers Deserve a fair contract. Since when is the town’s school department not fair? What was wrong with the last collective bargining agreement? Was it not fair?
    Did the town suffer a major setback with its current pool of talent due to the last contract that was unfair. Did our schools have to launch a massive recruitment effort to replace the turnover do to un-fairness?
    So what happens if we loose a teacher now? All I see are signs pointing a finger to un-fairness. If we loose a teacher becuase of no contract, does the town get to hire a replacement and does that replacement cost the town less becuase of salerys and steps may be less?
    I bet their are many good teachers who are un-empoyed right now that are looking for any work with or without a contract.
    Hey here is a question, does anyone know how much this is costing the town for attorneys who are running the show? How many teacher positions did that cut into.

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