Now THAT was good use of Powerpoint

We’re just back from the end-of-season flag football pizza party, where the highlight was an epic Powerpoint presentation featuring each and every player, game highlights, the coaches, the refs, the families and that guy who always dressed as a Viking. How epic? We’re talking about an hour of animations that spun around to Aerosmith, U2 and AC/DC, among others.

The kids, of course, loved it. My daughter and her friend spent the entire time anticipating the moment when their picture, shot at the last game by, yes, the guy dressed like a Viking, rotated onto the screen while my son and his friends cheerfully punched each other as they popped into view.

Just think, if the infamous half hour water runoff bylaw Town Meeting Powerpoint was put to a stadium rock soundtrack, included flipping and cross-dissolving animations and was presented to a crowd pumped up on pizza and cake — it probably would have passed!


2 thoughts on “Now THAT was good use of Powerpoint

  1. This is a great example of an idea by a couple of dads who worked with the Rec. Dept and got this going successfully. A program that has, over its short life, allowed all girls and boys to play football with everyone getting a chance to shine during the season. The guy who does the amazing PP doesn’t even have kids in the program anymore. A big thank you to all involved. Another reason to love our town.

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