I look like a chipmunk

And it hurts to talk or smile.

And WordPress is acting all wonky.

Possibly, it’s a good thing then that Fire Chief Gauthier hasn’t returned my calls from last week about the new fire station, which apparently lacks the ability to properly house the ladder truck. Oh, the truck gets in there fine, but the ladder hits the garage door when it’s exiting due to poor parking lot grading, which isn’t a good thing.

My husband, who foresaw the camping trailer scraping on the steep grade of our driveway and fixed the issue before it happened, probably should have offered his services…


14 thoughts on “I look like a chipmunk

  1. Regarding…the fire station. This goes to a point that was raised during the new school discussion (or annex, or mod class, or whatever the decision). The state should have canned architectural designs that can just be picked up and tweaked according to parcel/location specifications. I’m no archtecturalist, and I don’t know the details of this circumstance, but it seems like it would cut costs and eliminate a lot of possible design failures.

    The one down side is that everything might start looking like Cold War Soviet architecture…yikes.

  2. A couple of things…first, the Town Moderator, Roger Trahan is accepting letters of application to sit on the Town Administrator Search Committee. In addition to reps from the BOS, Planning, Finance – there are 3 at-large positions. Letters are due to Roger by December 1st. His phone is 839-4146 and email is rtrahanjr@hotmail.com if you have questions about the position or committee charge. Letters should be sent to his attention at 4 Old Upton Road, Grafton, MA 01519. Secondly, we have established and approved the charge for a Commission on Disabilities – somthing that has been lacking for sometime. Watch the Grafton News for more information about submitting letters of interest. And, the Recycling Committee is up and running full steam – they recently coordinated a presentation at GES and are working toward introducing recycling in all the schools – yes, we do not have a legitimate paper recycling program in the schools. But, it’s coming – watch for more in the News OR contact Doreen DeFazio, Chair at doreen_mooza@hotmail.com. Finally, it is true that fire truck – Tower 1 has trouble getting onto Rte 140. A cluster of factors contributed to the design error – street height/curve, truck length, dips in the apron (where the driveway meets the road.) The Carell Group is taking the lead in correcting the problem – the extent/scope/timing of the repair is TBD. At then end of the day, this will not cost the Town of Grafton any additional money. Whew…intended this to be short!

  3. Mary Ann, is it possible to nominate someone as an at-large position, or do they have to actually ask to participate. If its OK, I’d like to nominate Greater Grafton.

  4. Nomination made and seconded that Greater Grafton submit letter/application to sit as an at-large member of the TA Search Committee. All those in favor?

  5. Do you really want me to NOT write about something? I mean, I’m no longer bound by the ethics code at my former workplace (which prohibited campaign contributions and appointment to boards both public and private, among other things), but I’m pretty sure that any public board would require that its members not blog their opinions while the hiring process is underway. Doesn’t that kind of take the fun out of it?

  6. ok, its pretty fair to say ethics are (or ‘is’) important, especially when hiring a town administrator. But I’ve figured this all out.

    I hereby nominate Melissa to guest-blog on all town administrator stuff. I also hereby add my vote again for Greater Grafton to be on the committee.

    Done deal?

  7. And besides besides…after we get a Town Administrator the ethical question is out the window and you could go hog wild with a special blog expose featuring the dasterdly inner workings of town administration – payoffs, fraud, and shameless collusion. Yeah baby.

  8. Nope, total conflict of interest. THIS is why I’ve always tried not to live where I cover. When I lived in Gardner, I always voted for the candidates I thought would do the most amusing job rather than the best job. Do you really want someone like that picking out a town administrator?

    Besides, with all the mocking of Town Meeting, there’s absolutely no way I’d make the cut.

  9. I’m disappointed. Crime continues another day, secretly gripping our little town…while rampant drugs, sex, and rock n’ roll policies squeeze out our good citizens…all festering uncontrollably under administrative approval? Ohhh well…GG…you had your chance to do something about it, but you took the easy way out by playing the ethics card. I’m disappointed.

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