Kind of unCommon

I was working on a project yesterday — it’s not ready for prime time yet — and became rather frustrated with myself. I’ve gone out at least once a week since May to take photos around Grafton and do you know what is extremely unrepresented in my Grafton photos?

That’s right. The completely obvious Grafton landmark.


I planned to take photos on the Common all summer — heck, I was going to shoot my Christmas card there — but for one reason or another, I just don’t do photos there unless there’s a compelling reason, like the scarecrows last month or the church fair earlier this fall.

Common signs

But it’s Grafton Common! Shouldn’t I have some stock footage of it just in case, say, I want to design a Grafton-centric website or promote a farmer’s market there? I mean, everyone knows the Common. We have the bandstand on our official town flag, for crying out loud.

Grafton flag

Speaking of the bandstand…

bandstand railing

One of the railings could use some attention. This is what happens when a structure is overly loved, unfortunately.

bandstand ceiling

Amazing to think that this really started life as a movie prop for “Ah, Wilderness!” isn’t it? It’s held up remarkably well.

One Grafton Common

And it’s a perfect vantage point to contemplate the future of another landmark: would the town really sell One Grafton Common?

6 thoughts on “Kind of unCommon

  1. Hah. I tried not to make it obvious that my daughter was holding it in place. That shot actually is from September, but it’s one of many I never got around to using. I really need to organize all my digital photos one of these days.

  2. Two thoughts…
    1. Our common is exceptional.
    2. Does anybody know the status on the project/proposals for modifying the traffic flow and layout? I remember hearing something about this a while ago. (I’ve almost lost my life, and the lives of numorous other family members, many times on those crosswalks).

  3. The bandstand from Ah, Wilderness…

    The “Ah, Wilderness” story in our family is that, at one point, the director camped in our yard at 13 South Street (That’s where my mother lived when she was young, and also where I grew up), while they shot scenes next door at #11.

    One time, my grandmother went to open a window, but it slipped and slammed shut with a loud “bang!”

    This was followed immediately by the director outside yelling, “CUT!!!”

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