The search for a new town administrator

Mary Ann posted some interesting things in the comments, which I’m making into a standalone post because it merits it:

A couple of things…first, the Town Moderator, Roger Trahan is accepting letters of application to sit on the Town Administrator Search Committee. In addition to reps from the BOS, Planning, Finance – there are 3 at-large positions. Letters are due to Roger by December 1st. His phone is 839-4146 and email is if you have questions about the position or committee charge. Letters should be sent to his attention at 4 Old Upton Road, Grafton, MA 01519.

Secondly, we have established and approved the charge for a Commission on Disabilities – somthing that has been lacking for sometime. Watch the Grafton News for more information about submitting letters of interest.

And, the Recycling Committee is up and running full steam – they recently coordinated a presentation at GES and are working toward introducing recycling in all the schools – yes, we do not have a legitimate paper recycling program in the schools. But, it’s coming – watch for more in the News OR contact Doreen DeFazio, Chair at

Finally, it is true that fire truck – Tower 1 has trouble getting onto Rte 140. A cluster of factors contributed to the design error – street height/curve, truck length, dips in the apron (where the driveway meets the road.) The Carell Group is taking the lead in correcting the problem – the extent/scope/timing of the repair is TBD. At then end of the day, this will not cost the Town of Grafton any additional money. Whew…intended this to be short!

Who wants to pick out the new town administrator? Do we have anyone out there with an expertise on disabilities? And whew, looks like that fire station mishap isn’t going to cost us anything more than time!


2 thoughts on “The search for a new town administrator

  1. GreaterGrafton, I have some comments about the screening committee…
    What experience does the committee bring to hire a chief executive for an organization that spends annually $40,000,000.00 with well over 100,000,000.00 in assets to manage?
    If this was your company, and you were looking for a chief executive to run it, what would you ask of the nine from Grafton who are all volunteers who for the most part all work full time jobs?
    Understand that the last screening committee several years ago had a consultant that was paid up front and cost the town (50,000.00?). I think that whatever firm or consultant is used, at least 33%-50% of the remainder of the money should be withheld until 80% of the time from the first three year contract is satisfied. Just call it a guarantee of sorts…
    Just my two cents as always…

  2. Good questions, and I don’t have the answers.

    I would hope that at least one of the nine has a good bulls–t detector, for lack of a better word. It’s really easy to get caught up in “oh look, shiny resume, shiny smile, smooth talk, says what I want to hear, gimme!”

    And a lot of trouble can usually be saved with a little research. I can’t tell you how many times a town hires a new superintendent, or administrator, or police chief and it’s later uncovered that Supt. A. constantly had problems with his school committee, or Admin. B. had his contract bought out because of some shady conflicts of interest or Chief C. was universally hated by his force. I’d hope, in addition to references, we’d at least do some Googling and call the local papers in the towns he/she served.

    But that’s basic common sense stuff. I’m not a numbers gal. Ask any journalist why she chose that major, and she’ll say “there wasn’t a math requirement!” (And then the first assignment she’ll get will be to analyze a town’s budget.)

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