Ice, ice, baby

Have you looked closely at Lake Ripple lately?

Lake Ripple

There’s a reason why the swans are grouchier than usual.

Lake Ripple

At least, you’re going to take my word for that. For some reason, I’ll park my car, go running up to Lake Ripple to photograph the swans and *poof* they’re gone.

But anyway, we have a thin skim of ice on top of the water, and you know what that means — any day now, that guy who spends all winter ice fishing from its surface will be out there with his folding chair and bucket.

Also, you know what I’ve never understood? The concept of building fires on top of lake ice. Yes, I know — it’s really thick ice. But whenever I’ve been out on the ice, I’ve always been comforted by the knowledge that the intense heat of burning wood isn’t weakening the only thing that’s separating me from death by drowning/hypothermia.


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