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Have you noticed the Boston Globe recently discovered Facebook? Friday, they had an article about how the website is spoiling the high school reunion (because now it’s impossible to lose touch with former classmates) and today, the magazine had a story about how sometimes, people may friend you on Facebook, but (gasp) they may not actually be your friends because they never really talk to you. The latter was written by a former co-worker and, for the record, I haven’t friended him on Facebook.

I attribute these articles to the old newsroom adage, “If it happened to an editor, or he saw it on his way to work, it’s news.” And I attribute this post to another news meeting standard, “Is there anything we could localize?”

So how is Grafton’s presence on Facebook? You may need an account to see these, but here are a few groups you may or may not be aware of:

Swirls and Scoops, our harbinger of spring, has its very own group for “scoopers, veteran scoopers, Graftonites and loyal customers.”

There are two groups dedicated to the memory of Kevin Vulter: one a memorial page (at which friends leave messages for him), one for the quest to get lights at Grafton High’s football field.

Since Thanksgiving weekend is traditionally the high school reunion weekend (unless you graduated Bellingham High in 1985, which means your reunion is randomly scheduled in the middle of summer), you may want to check out the Grafton High School Alumni Association page, which was created by the class of 2004.

But this is my favorite group, because it’s an inside joke that I totally don’t get: “I had class with Fran ‘The Man’ Graves at Grafton High School.” Here’s the description:

If you had class with Mr. Graves, and was called a dumbass, jackass or an asshole.

Did he give you a nickname, or make you look like shithead in front of the whole class. Did he ever team up with Mr. Carter or Mr. Pig or both of them and make fun of you…

If you were ever put up on the “wall of shame” for playing games on the computer’s while he was talking, or you were suppose to be working…

If you were ever caught leaving class to go play matball..

if this happened to you join this group and other’s who went thru the same things…


Well! It’s good to see industrial arts teachers haven’t changed that much in the decades since I went to high school!


3 thoughts on “Grafton on Facebook

  1. I had to laugh when I read your comment about “If happened to an editor, or he saw it on his way to work, it’s news.” As an editor (of the Worcester Business Journal), I have to admit it’s true. And as a reporter, I was on the receiving end of many of these story assignments!

  2. Don’t forget its corollary, “If it happened to a blogger, it’s blog-worthy.”

    And btw, I’m totally stealing this post idea. 🙂

  3. I have to say, as a graduated student of Grafton High School, I personally had the privilege of having Mr. Graves as a teacher on more than one occasion.
    One thing people should be aware of when viewing social networking sites is that information can often be viewed different than its original intention. As far as the “Fran ‘the man’ Graves” Facebook group goes, it is more of a tribute to one of GHS’s greatest teachers than anything else. It jokes about his “zero-bullshit” teaching style and his ability to force slackers to do work. I just didn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea about this man.

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