Santa lights up Grafton

There were snowflakes floating down, a Common full of families and — what’s that off in the distance?

Santa lights


Santa lights

It’s Santa Claus, coming to turn on Grafton’s town tree! And who needs a reindeer when you have access to a ladder truck?

Santa lights

Trust me. There’s not a truck-loving boy alive who wouldn’t trade a sleigh and some magical reindeer for a fire truck anyday.

Santa lights

Just look at the guy. That’s a Santa who is loving his job right now.

Santa lights

It took him forever to get through the crowd because he kept stopping and talking to kids and posing for pictures. No rush, no hassle — that’s Santa.

Santa lights - girl scouts

And lying in wait — a giant crowd of Girl Scouts, who organized in the Congregational Church prior to the event. I was getting warm in a pew and kind of got a giggle out of the admonition that the Scouts were to allow only Daisies in the bandstand to avoid a repeat of last year’s “trampling of the Daisies.”

Yes, I know, but the phrasing just tickled my shivering funny bone.

Santa waves

Once Santa was in place, the entire crowd sang carols as he waved from behind the untrampled Daisies.

Santa lights

Many of the girls had obvious markings of a very productive and well-spent Grafton Celebrates the Holidays.

And then suddenly, without fanfare or a single politician’s speech…

Tree light

On came the lights!

Santa lights

And the crowd goes wild!

Santa lights

I have a camera full of photos — 154 of them to be exact — from a day running around getting a taste of Grafton Celebrates the Holidays and a heck of a lot of stories to tell. It’s going to be a busy week!


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