Ice sculptures and candy canes

I’m still organizing all the photos I took yesterday; here are some things around the Common I didn’t want to get lost in the shuffle.

Grafton Common - Grafton Celebrates Holidays

You really cannot have too many shots of the bandstand. There was an ice sculptor there starting at noon and he was supposed to be there until 3 p.m., but he was putting his tools in the car and heading off to someplace warm when I got there around 2 p.m.

ice sculptures

You have to admit, that’s impressive work. I was finding carved pieces of ice kicked all over the Common area all afternoon.

ice sculptures - Grafton Celebrates Holidays

By the tree lighting, I was kind of accepting face painting as part of everyday attire. It was almost a surprise to come home and find my kids free of facial art (because both of them complained it was too cold to run around town with Mom and her camera).

Grafton Celebrates Holidays

And this guy is one of my favorite people from the day, because when I gushed over his headgear and asked if I could shoot a picture for my blog, he had absolutely no problem with it. He said the candy cane antlers belonged to his daughter and, when she wasn’t interested in wearing them, he figured he’d put them to good use.

Also one of my favorite people: the white bearded guy at the Baptist Church who didn’t even blink when I blurted out “oh my God, are kids asking you if you’re Santa Claus?” The beard was THAT good. He said “No, I’m Santa’s brother,” and proceeded to tell a story about how he always refers to himself that way based on a quip from his wife.


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