Nelson Library and DON’T FORGET TO VOTE!

There’s a meeting tonight at Nelson Library, 7 p.m., about the plans to close the library as part of Grafton’s library consolidation. I may try to sneak out, but we’re in the process of decorating the Christmas tree and the kids are hellbent on dragging out all the other decorations since we didn’t get around to doing it yesterday — and I’m out the next two nights so I’m facing accusations of being a bad mother —  so I may not make it. If anyone wants to report back, I’d appreciate it.

Also, I’ve been lax on the voting nag — Tuesday, that’s tomorrow, today if you’re reading it on Tuesday, yesterday if you’re reading on Wednesday (in which case, you’re late)… anyway GET OUT AND VOTE on the plan to add modular classrooms to Grafton Middle School.

It is freaking overcrowded. There’s no way around it. There will be an addition 100 kids next year and squeezing them into the existing space would be a disaster. The debt exclusion includes all costs associated with them — equipment, desks, lockers. No need for additional teachers, since there are several who are on carts who will be happy to have a classroom to call their own!

And, my son notes, at least the new classrooms will hopefully have the only clocks in the building to show the proper time.


2 thoughts on “Nelson Library and DON’T FORGET TO VOTE!

  1. Anybody know what happened with Nelson? Burning effigies of the Library Trustees? Sit-ins planned? Are folks going to boycott? I’m pretty sure I support Nelson’s closing, but I’d change my mind if I could stop shaving and get in on some old fashioned protest action.

  2. Closing the North & South Grafton Branches – the powers to be have had their say and the branches are closing as of 12/31/08.
    As a Trustee of Nelson Library I would like to make the public aware of a few points of interest
    The only monies that comes out of the Center Library Budget for Nelson Library is salaries for the librarians and the cost of books. the library is only open 12 to 16 hours per week. We have been on the short list for new books, as many have been told that the books are unavailable at the North Grafton Branch.
    The Nelson Library Budget which is roughly 38,000.00 per yer pays for the building expenses – lights heat air etc, maintenance mans salary and also pays for the maintenance of the grounds and parks of the Nelson Library Property. There are three part time retired gentlemen who maintain these grounds which have never looked better then they do now.
    The Friends of Nelson Library now have approximately 12 volunteers who will keep the library open if allowed – we are trying to work something out with the Town Administrator and the “Center Library Trustees” But we need everyones help – so Michael stop shaving
    Closing the Nelson Library now restricts people with disabilities from going to the Library either for some social contact or to read and check out books – ah but wait – the Center Library now has a program where they will deliver books to the “shutins” – are they using the librarians or the temps to perform this service when they could be used for what they were hired for to keep the North and South Branches open.
    So attention ADA – Grafton does not have a library building which is open that can comply with some of the ADA requirements (Nelson is the most ADA compliant of the three Libraries)
    The bottom line is the Center Library Trustees want a NEW Library Building – they have tried for YEARS to no avail – even tried to purchase or get the okay to purchase hazardeous contaminated land to either expand or build new -so now lets close the branches which have served the town well and – what did they say at the Selectmens meeting – the closing of the branches will put an added burden on the Center so does that mean hire more staff – and oh yes Hilding wants a bigger office and now a meeting room. Where is that money coming from – Hilding better start lifting weights to carry all those who are unable to get up the stairs to use the Center Library – how else will they get into the building

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